Koh Mak Island
Natural environment unspoiled by mass tourism
Koh Mak Island
Uninhabited beaches, diving schools, fishing community villages
Koh Mak Island
10 000 palm trees, rubber plantations
Koh Mak Island
Perfect place to relax, calm your mind and soothe your senses

Activities and sighseeing in Koh Mak

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Cooking School
Smile Koh Mak cooking school offers Thai cooking classes in english with a great sea view!
Buddhist temple of Koh Mak with several resident monks, open for visitors
Tiny museum in an 80 years old house with artifacts and photographs showing the history of the island
Water activities
Scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, night fishing are available in Koh Mak
Explore the island
By foot, bike or motorbike explore Koh Mak's rubber tree farms, coconut plantations and speechless beaches
Low carbon destination and flat terrain makes Koh Mak a great place to explore by bicycle
Relax with the sound of waves and get famous Thai or aromatherapy massages at a very reasonable price
Neighbour islands
Explore Koh Kood, Koh Rayang, Koh Mapring, Koh Tien, Koh Rang, Koh Pi, Koh Kradad, Koh Yak, Koh Kra
Food and drinks

Recommended restaurants and bars on the island

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