Koh mak future
ECO Tourism

The island of Koh Mak is a small island with unspoiled natural charm and beauty and we are working to ensure that development on the island proceeds in a sustainable manner.

On Koh Mak we follow the ideals of ecotourism, and so instead of jet-skis, nightclubs and traffic jams, you’ll find biking trails, diving schools and other ecologically friendly tourism operations. As an example, Ao Kao White Sands Resort is helping to build a sustainable island culture by focusing efforts on expanding their resort using a permaculture framework.

By working with nature rather than against it, Koh Mak can reduce its environmental impact while providing a sustainable flow of locally grown food and other agricultural products.

As humans, we all must do what we can to reduce our impact on the natural world, and Koh Mak understands our role in helping to create a better future by maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty that the island has provided.

Koh Mak is pushing to develop systems and tourist activities that not only reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint, but actually begin to reverse it to enhance the beauty and viability of the land around us.

We hope that like-minded individuals will find value in our philosophy and support us in our efforts by coming to visit our island paradise.